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Podcast production is the process of creating a podcast episode and releasing it into the world. This can include concept development, scriptwriting, recording, editing, distribution, and promotion.

Having a professional podcast production agency handle these tasks ensures that your podcast episodes are high-quality, engaging, and well-produced. When done right, you save time, improve the quality of your content, and grow your audience.

You can see a full breakdown of our services here, but in a nutshell we produce audio, video, graphics, and written content, handle podcast management, and offer marketing strategy consultations.

Yes! If you’re looking at starting a podcast, check out our launch services. If you have an existing show, take a look at our podcast coaching services.

Yes! We’ve started working with many shows years after they launched, improving their quality and promotion efforts, and all with no disruption to their release schedules.

Yes! Once your episode is ready, we can distribute it for you to online podcast platforms (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many, many more).

We also help with promotion and marketing podcasts, including social media and blog posts, email newsletters, and other marketing efforts to reach your target audience.

We offer complimentary coaching on buying and using equipment to all our clients – after all, when you use the right equipment the right way it makes producing great content that much easier.

Or you can check out our podcast recording studio, if you’re interested in skipping the learning curve and getting audio or video recorded in a professional studio.


There are three steps:

  1. We start things off with an introductory call to get to know your podcast, target audience, and content goals.
  2. You select the package that suits your needs.
  3. We get to work!
    • For existing shows, you submit the episode you’d like us to start with, and we prepare that episode and any associated content for you to review. After that first episode, it’s hands-off!
    • For new shows, we prepare your strategy documents and branding assets for you to review, before registering your show online on all relevant platforms.

Our team is fully remote. We use Google Drive for file sharing, Zoom for meetings, and Slack for communications. For clients who prefer good-old trusty email, we’re happy to talk there.

Every time you have an episode recorded you upload it to your shared folder and notify our team who gets to work. We’ll keep you updated on progress, and return everything within a few business days for you to review.

We’re always open to input on what we prepare for you. That being said, our goal is to reduce the time you spend on podcast production, so that you can focus on creating great content and growing your podcast brand.

When we start working on a new podcast we like to ensure that everything we prepare aligns with the show’s and the brand’s tone, but once we have a feel for the style we aim to make it as hands-off as possible.

48 hours for shows with a regular release schedule. For shows with irregular schedules or more complex narrative structures, more time is needed.

If you’re not happy with your instructions being followed, we’ll provide the revision free of charge. Otherwise we offer one free revision on all the assets we prepare for you.


We charge a monthly rate based on your podcast’s release schedule and the services you’ve chosen, with discounted rates for shows that release more episodes each month.

We price based on which services you’d like, as well as your show’s release schedule and episode length.

See our pricing page here.

Yes! For every four episodes per month we offer 5% off the monthly total (up to a maximum of 20%). So if you release episodes weekly, we offer 5% off. If you release twice a week, 10% off, etc.

Yes! Let us know on your introductory call that you’re a non-profit, provide proof, and we’ll add a discount to your invoice.

If you don’t have an episode for us in a given week, we’ll credit the value of that episode against your next invoice.

Free Trial

In order to give you a taste of the work that we do, we’ll produce one of the following for you, free of charge:

  • A 15-minute audio podcast episode,
  • A 15-minute video podcast episode,
  • A promotional video for social media.

We’ll go ahead and prepare the first 15 minutes of it, to give you a sample of what we can do. If you’d like us to finish the episode, you can then pay for the balance of the episode recording.

Absolutely! Like any work we do for our clients, you have full ownership of the final product we hand over.

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