Podcast Graphic Design

Learn more about how we help podcasters with all the graphic design elements involved in their podcasts.

Podcast Graphic Design

Do Your Podcast's Graphics Make People Click?

Your online graphics are the silent salespeople of your podcast content.

And while your graphic design skills in Canva have certainly improved, the graphics you create can feel like they’re whispering when they should be shouting.

Whether it’s your cover art, video thumbnails, or social media graphics, we’ll ensure they do more than just look pretty.

Let’s give your podcast the click-worthy look it deserves.

Our Podcast ​Graphic Design Services

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Podcast Cover Artwork

Cover artwork is the first thing that potential listeners see when looking for a podcast, and has a big impact on whether they hit play.

Let’s make sure they don’t scroll past your show.

We’ll prepare your cover artwork so that it stands out: both when viewed at full size, and as a tiny thumbnail on a phone screen.

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Video Thumbnails

First impressions matter, and for video podcasts, it’s all about the thumbnail.

Just like your podcast’s cover artwork, they’re essential when trying to attract new viewers.

And yes, sometimes that means including pictures of you putting on that shocked, hands-to-face expression.

But it isn’t surprising that we craft engaging and eye-catching thumbnails that pique curiosity and draw viewers in to watch, be it on a big screen or a tiny mobile display.

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Social Media Graphics

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and if people speak 150 words per minute on average, then around every 7 minutes of your podcast episode is worth a graphic.

Yeah, we did just do the maths on a well-known cliché.

But you get the point. Graphics are essential for creating cohesive branding, and help you consistently share your podcast content on your social media profiles’ feeds.

We’re here for eye-catching graphics that boost engagement, foster brand identity, and drive social media success.

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Video and episode thumbnails, as well as social media graphics are done within two business days. We aim to get first drafts of podcast cover artwork to you within the same window, but more complex designs may require more time, which will be outlined when you inquire.

Yes! Whether you’re looking for a fresh look or need improvements, we’re here to enhance your podcast’s visual presence.

Yes! We offer an initial free trial to give you a chance to see how we work. If you like what Zapods has to offer, we have different packages to suit your needs.

We charge a monthly rate based on your podcast’s release schedule and the services you’ve chosen, with discounted rates for shows that release more episodes each month.

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have any photos, logos, branding guidelines, or other elements of your visual identity, check out our Start A Podcast services where we’ll be able to help you start with a bang.

But if you’ve already got your visual branding sorted and want us to work with it, we’ll need you to provide any visual guidelines and assets.

Feel like you’re somewhere in the middle between starting from scratch and being good to go? Contact us and we can work with you to get to podcast graphic excellence.

Sure! We’re always happy to meet podcasters and talk through things to see how we can help. You can contact us to set up a call, or just hash things out over email.

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