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Is starting your podcast making you throw a tantrum?

Podcasting can be a tangled jungle of buzzwords and tech talk.

And learning the ABCs of RSS feeds, hosts, distributors, audience definition, and SEO keywords when starting your podcast is enough to make anyone throw a fit.

But you don’t have to take your first baby steps into a new world alone.

We’re here to help you skip the podcast learning curve, all the way to XYZ.

Say bye-bye to podcasting teething troubles.

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Our Podcast Start Packages

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Essential Podcast Start

If you’re launching your podcast with a close eye on your budget, our Essential Package is your perfect launchpad.

Designed with budget-conscious podcasters in mind, you’ll get the essential tools and support you need to get your podcast started.

You’ll receive an initial strategy call, podcast host setup, submission to major platforms, and support via email. It’s the cost-effective way to embark on your podcasting journey without breaking the bank.

Podcast Microphone

Standard Podcast Start

Start your podcast with an impact with our Standard Package – the go-to choice for podcasters who are ready to invest in their growth.

In addition to all the benefits of the Essential Package, you’ll enjoy more strategic consultations, professional design of your cover artwork, music, trailer, and your intros and outros, as well as a custom setup of a guest scheduling system that streamlines your podcast’s success.

We even throw in discounts on our podcast recording studio and production services, so that your episodes can match the same high quality of all your podcast’s branding.

Zapods Podcast Recording Studio Environment

Custom Podcast Start

If you want to start your podcast with direct connection to your listeners, the Custom Package is your precision-engineered solution.

It’s designed for niche podcasters and brands that want every detail customized to connect with their distinct audience.

In addition to everythgn included in the Standard Package, you’ll get access to custom music, SEO keywork research that influences your branding and content decisions, as well as voiceovers by professional voice artists. Your podcast becomes an instrument of precision for your unique listener base.

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Initial Strategy Call

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You'll hop on a 60-minute call with our lead podcast producer to talk through the podcast you'll be launching, our process, and any ideas and questions you may have about the launch.

Podcast Host Setup

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Your podcast host is where all your episodes will be uploaded, and then shared with all the different streaming platforms (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, etc). We'll get everything setup and configured so that publishing you episodes is a breeze.

Submission to Podcast Platforms

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We'll submit your show to all the popular podcast streaming platforms, so that your listeners can really "listen to it wherever you get your podcasts"

Apple Podcasts Connect Setup

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Typically the number one platform for listening to podcasts, you'll get your Apple Podcasts Connect account setup and linked to your podcast host so you can get in-depth analytics about listeners who use Apple for your show.

Spotify for Podcasters Setup

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After Apple, Spotify is usually the second most popular platform for listening to podcasts. You'll get your Spotify for Podcasters account setup and linked to your podcast host so you can get in-depth analytics about listeners who use Spotify for your show.

Support via Email

Follow-up Strategy Calls

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You'll be able to hop on follow-up calls to talk through strategic points of your podcast's launch, and get real-time access to any troubleshooting you require.

Cover Artwork Design

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We'll design your podcast cover artwork following industry best-practice, while aligning with your existing branding, to best appeal to your target audience

Sourcing Theme Music

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Based on your requirements, we'll pull from our paid-for library to present you with options for music for your podcast's intros and outros.

You don't have to worry about copyright claims, having the same royalty-free music as everyone else out there, or paying for your own music - it's included!

Trailer Production

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We'll script, prepare, and edit your podcast's trailer.

Guest Scheduling System

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You'll get a custom setup of the same guest booking system used by top-performing podcasters.

Get more 'Yes!'s to requests, reduce no-shows, and ensure that you've got everything from your guest both before and after recording to promote their episode.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Discounts on Other Services

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To ensure that your podcast starts with a bang, we'll give you discounts on access to our podcast recording studio, as well as on our audio  and video production services to ensure that your first episodes match in quality.

Intro & Outro Scripting

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First impressions matter, and what you say at the beginning of an episode is no exception.


Similarly, the end of the episode is where you get to speak directly to your most die-hard listeners.


Based on your requirements and our experience with top-performing podcasters, we'll script the content for your show's episodes' two most critical points: their beginning and end.

Intro & Outro Voiceovers

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For podcasts looking to stand-out from the moment listeners hit 'play', we'll arrange a professional voice-over artist to give your show that premium feel.

SEO Keyword Research

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Knowing the language that your target audience is using can give you a competitive advantage over other podcasts.


We'll prepare a report that'll give you insight into opportunities for your podcast: both in its branding, and in the content that it covers.

Custom Music Composition

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When library music just isn't enough, and you can't afford to pay for usage of that top-10 hit, there's no better option than getting custom music made.


Based on the style you're going for, we'll prepare boutique music for your podcast, to give it a unique identity.

A once-off fee covers exclusive use - it's all yours!

Asked Questions

Have a question about our packages for starting your podcast? See our most frequently asked questions here.

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Our standard package suits most shows’ needs, but if you’re uncertain we’re happy to help you decide. Send us a message or schedule a discovery call.

The Initial Strategy Call is where we discuss your podcast’s direction, target audience, and goals, as well as how Zapods will help your podcast meet them.

It’s the first step in crafting your podcasting roadmap.

Yes! Our Standard Package includes sourcing theme music for your podcast. All the music we provide comes from our paid-for library, so you don’t have to worry about copyright claims, having the same royalty-free music as everyone else out there, or paying for your own music.

In the Custom Package you have the option of boutique music produced to your specifications.

Absolutely, you can upgrade your package at any time. We’re here to accommodate your podcast’s growth and your changing needs.

Theoretically, 72 hours. But each podcast platform has their own processing times, and it’s not unheard of for technical errors to come up.

Because of this, we prefer to work with a two-week window, so that we can handle any problems with different platforms (if they come up) without affecting launch dates.

We provide support via email, ensuring you have a direct line to our team for any questions or assistance you need through starting your podcasting journey.

For the Standard and Custom packages, you also get access to follow-up strategy calls, to deep-dive into those topics which need more attention.

Sure! We’re always happy to meet podcasters and talk through things to see how we can help. You can hop on a call with us, or just send us a message.

Don’t see your question?
Contact us to learn more.

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